Art competition for under 16

Published on 23 April 2022 at 09:58


If you really have good imagination, you can create a mascot for the Engaged quiz brand with the logo in the mascot. The mascot could be an animal, a human or an object. It will show your creativity and we will use the best one after the competition. We will choose the best creativity from you all and you can win an attractive goodie bag which will be filled with lot of exciting prizes. You should be under 16 in age group to enter this competition.


Winning mascot will be featured permanently on the Engaged brand. It will be shown on our website, social media pages, marketing material. The mascot will be produced. You will be making an excellent contribution seeing your mascot appear on the brand and knowing you have created it.  Goodies will include a cup with the mascot and a key ring and a few more things. 

Age: Under 16

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